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is now open
Valley of the Moon Children's Home
Thanks to generous donations from the community
  • Funding programs
    for a better future
    Dental, Music, Garden and more
    Find out more
  • How to buy clomid uk, Is it ok to buy clomid online

    Although the Children’s Center is now complete, our work is far from finished. The Foundation is committed to continuing efforts to positively impact the present and future lives of abused, abandoned and neglected children in Sonoma County through its work at the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home and in the greater community. Click below to donate to the organization or to get involved in our efforts.


    Several years ago the Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation formed a public-private partnership with Sonoma County to raise funds and build a much needed new Children’s Home for the county’s abused, abandoned and neglected children. Since then we have been hard at work to better the lives of those that have spent time within the home. View our ongoing efforts, and relevant news within the community.


    In addition to much needed essentials, VOMCF works to fund Scholarship, Music, Dental and Garden programs.


    Photo documentation of all of the VOMCF’s past and present facilities help to highlight the impact that contributions like yours have made.

    About Us

    Learn more about our foundation’s history, board of directors, and the current Valley of the Moon Children’s Home.